Monday, December 10, 2012

Take it up a Notch with Sheree Delorenzos Coffee Eggnog Punch

Sheree's Coffee Eggnog Punch

This is wonderful for a holiday party.  It allows your guests to serve themselves, so as host you don’t have to keep remaking drinks.    I like this eggnog recipe because it takes things up a notch.  It can easily be done as a nonalcoholic beverage for kids and non-drinkers.  If you do follow the recipe and include (my namesake) Sherry as well as brandy, you can use a basic brand.  Since this a punch with a lot of different flavors, you don’t need to use a top shelf liquor to get a delicious result.

1 half-gallon eggnog
3 cups coffee, cooled
1 quart coffee ice cream
1 cup Cream Sherry
1 cup Brandy
1 quart whipped cream
Ground nutmeg to taste 
Add eggnog to a punch bowl.
Add coffee, ice cream, Sherry, Brandy, and whipped cream. Using the ladle, mix ingredients by stirring.
Serve in punch glasses and garnish with a spoonful of the whipped cream and a dash or two of nutmeg.

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