Monday, December 17, 2012

My Christmas Wish For All

My Christmas Wish for all:

At Christmas time every year we all watch the hub bub businessness  at the stores and malls. I personally get overwhelmed at all the buying, wrapping and running around looking for gifts to give.

Today, I want to stop and quiet my mind and soul and think of the real meaning of life which my Mom taught me as a child. How to be grateful.
I am grateful, Bea Grant, that you taught me; "it is better to give than receive". Look around and give to  those in need. To reach out and touch someone who is having a tough day. And to sing a little, to bring joy in these dark days.
All our hearts are saddened when we look at the faces of the children and staff in Sandy Hook, CT.
So this year my Christmas wish is for peace on earth. For my children and your children too.
Merry Christmas to our friends and family and to all the staff at Seaport Grille, Cruiseport Gloucester, and Gloucester Marine Terminal.

Sheree DeLorenzo